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Covert Store Builder Review

Our Rating: 83%
Final Thoughts

The Covert Store Builder can be used even for those who do not have any experience in building an online store and it is an easy way to have a highly profitable affiliate online store!

Overall Score 83%

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In the present days, WordPress blogs are very popular due to the advantages and benefits available to the blog creators. One of the best WordPress affiliate theme is the Covert Store Builder and this gives you the ability to build an affiliate store and run it for enormous profits. The best part of WordPress blog site is the availability of themes and by applying a good theme you can completely change the look and feel of your blog site with a few mouse clicks. The Covert Store Builder theme is a revolutionary way of building your affiliate store online easily from many of the leading Affiliate Networks.


When you go for the Covert Store Builder Download, what you get is all the functionality for building your affiliate store in an easy and rapid way even if you do not have any prior experience in this. The CovertStoreBuilder comes from a team of developers calling themselves as IM Wealth Builders.

Covert Store Builder Review

Covert Store Builder Review

Covert Store Builder

Covert Store Builder Review

Many users of this theme have appreciated in their Covert Store Builder review that this is very simple to use and is well known for its point- and – click customization. With the use of Covert Store Builder theme it is very easy for you to create profit pulling, good- looking, high converting online store for your grand success in your online ventures. The WordPress Affiliate theme offers many of never before seen features like:


  • Ability to set up and sell products from many of the leading affiliate centres with easy to use point and click methodology;


  • Easy integration with all the popular auto-responders


  • Helps you in making your site visitors join as your members and these are added to your mailing list automatically for easy promotion of your stores and its products


  • Your site members are able to create wish lists which they can easily share it with their friends through social media or email. This is one of the best of its features as per the Covert Store Builder Review.
  • Full Facebook integration for comments and the ability to get shared on many other social media networks easily;


  • The Covert Store Builder  is a self- optimizing  affiliate store and  has the capability to bring in the best selling products to better focus to your buyers, thus increasing your chance to earn more sales and profits;


  • The interface is very attractive and apart from the good looks of the CovertStoreBuilder it is very easy to customize and personalize it as much as you want.


The Covert Store Builder can be used even for those who do not have any experience in building an online store and it is an easy way to have a highly profitable affiliate online store. By using the Covert Store Builder theme to build and run your affiliate store it is now possible for you to achieve an increase in rate of conversions, boosting your sales to realize more profits through your online stores.

Covert Store Builder > Demo Site:

Covert Store Builder Theme Options include:

  • Custom header color setting a or background image
  • Edit any color anywhere on your website, with the easy color selector tool
  • Widget enabled sidebars option for all your pages & posts
  • Text change options for all your menus, buttons, categories, etc.
  • Order your items/posts on the front page – exclude/include posts & categories
  • Clever search bar – enabling your visitors to browse your sites & search for products they like
  • New customers can join your site as members & be automatically be added to your auto-responders
  • Wish list options for customers to see later, and even share their wish list with their other friends
  • Self optimizing display to automatically show the most popular products first to increase your profits
  • And much, much, more…


Covert Store Builder > Overall:

Covert Store Builder is the right way of increasing your income as its good looks and ease of use are sure to give you the ability to build and run your store in an easy and rapid way. With 100% money back guarantee now you need not have to worry about anything and can easily increase your income from your affiliate store through the use of the Covert Store Builder theme. You can go to the Covert Store Builder Download button and get this top-rated WordPress Affiliate theme to build your online store for maximizing your profit.

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