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Covert Video Press is a proven converter and is one of the great ways to add a video tube site to your marketing tools.

Overall Score 86%

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Video marketing is the order of the day and with Covert Video Press it is now possible for you to use the power of videos to achieve more success for your online business. WordPress is the most used online marketing platform and CovertVideoPress helps you to extend the power of wordpress to include viral videos as your medium of marketing on the internet. Covert Video Press Software helps you build an highly-optimized video tube site, similar in functionality to some of the most used popular and well-known video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Meta-cafe etc.,

Covert Video Press 2.0 in Action:


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Covert Video Press

Covert Video Press Review


Some of the features of Covert Video Press are as follows:

  • It works on the wordpress platform and hence is very affordable and gives greater flexibility in operation
  • When you get the Covert Video Press Download you get an easy way to build your YouTube video style site as it comes with a step- by step wizard that guides you through every stage of the site creation
  • Get well designed video tutorials explaining all the settings in your Admin area making it is easy to understand and work with
  • The CovertVideoPress comes with a self-optimizing functionality that enables you to show the higher converting videos first on the opening page
  • You will find that the customers who have placed a Covert Video Press Review about the software, like the easy and effective integration with many of the leading social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr etc
  • Covert Video Press Software comes with the ability to bring in more traffic from your social networks
  • Covert Video Press is fully monetized for you and you can get more income through theme ads and custom widgets that help you earn more money from your video tube site
  • You can also use CovertVideoPress to monetize your own video by using them on your site or use other people’s videos so that you get more income out of your video tube site
  • The video site you build with Covert Video Press Software is stunning to look at and has all the functionalities of the video tube giants with ways of easy customization built into it so that it is easy to attract more customers and make them come back again and again
  • When you are creating your video tube site, it is easy to create grid style posts with thumbnails for easy selection and viewing of videos by your site visitors
  • Covert Video Press offers many ways to analyse the performance of your individual videos by giving video ratings and view counts so that you know the best performing ones
  • Easy to navigate categories and blog entries with the “More“ link on the navigation menu for your video tube site
  • While creating your video tube site after Covert Video Press Download what you get is the widget ready sidebar and footer, with links to your custom widgets as well as for the top rated videos hosted on your website
  • Apart from this as stated in the Covert Video Press Review this application comes with many more advanced features that will add more sales day after day bringing in new ways to realize your online goals in an easier and more effective way and help you beat your competition


However, there is one area of the software that could have been better, which was that the theme is not highly responsive sometimes and it may take more time for you to set up and run your video tube site of you completely new to building a website. And hence a little extra effort may be required for you to achieve more in your online marketing using videos as your main marketing tool.


Additional Features of Covert Video Press 2.0:

  • Youtube like navigation including: (Top rated, most viewed, latest videos.
  • Step-By-Step wizard for creating and customizing any part of your video website!
  • Mini tutorial clips for each placing in the admin area –whenever you will need them!
  • Completely monetized with inbuilt theme concept advertisements and custom widgets.
  • Grid type post design layout with thumbnails instantly made for each video.
  • Complete integration with the major social media networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and Twitter.
  • Automated traffic generation built-in from social media networks.
  • Widget compatible sidebar & footer, with custom widgets for most viewed, related and prime rated films.
  • Promote and monetize your own videos or use different people’s videos.
  • Video view counts & ratings.
  • Self-Optimising theme concept, featuring the most effective converting videos at the top.
  • And much more…


System Options for Covert Video Press 2.0:

  • Have the widget sidebar on either side & change the widget sidebar on/off for the front page.
  • Modify the color of the theme background.
  • Option to change any color anywhere on your blog, with the color selector tool.
  • Play video clips in new window or in the same window.
  • Option to disable the widget sidebar for individual pages.
  • Option to show video title & text excerpts or full text on the front page.
  • Display comments, comment counts on the front page
  • Display video ratings & view counts on the front page
  • Upload your own custom logo (or use the WP title and tagline).
  • + Much more…


Covert Video Press

Covert Video Press Tutorials


Covert Video Press 2.0 > Overall:

Covert Video Press 2.0 is a proven converter and is one of the great ways to add a video tube site to your marketing tools. As videos are fast becoming the most popular way of marketing your products online, having a video tube site made using the Covert Video Press Download is sure to bring in the competitive edge you have been thinking to have for effective marketing of your products and services to the global audience.

Covert Video Press


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